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Where strategic planning meets impactful branding and marketing.

We coach both for-profit and non-profit clients on creating a solid business/organizational plan. Then we help bring that plan to fruition.


Avant Marketing goes beyond creating a traditional startup business plan, integrating innovative branding and marketing strategies into every facet of your business launch.


Our comprehensive approach combines expert market analysis, business planning, financial modeling, and

advanced branding techniques to create a roadmap for success.

We don't just launch businesses; we launch brands that
resonate and leave a lasting impression. 

Avant provides insight & direction for creating the perfect business plan and bringing it to life.

Rows of Classical Columns

Business Overview We work together to determine an overview of your business concept and goals, as well as descriptions of products or services. We then help you create a detailed explanation of your business idea, including mission and vision statements.

Delivery of Boxes

Product or Service Line Offerings We aid in creating a detailed description of your offerings. We also help discover unique selling propositions and competitive advantages.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis We provide research on your industry, market, and competitors, as well as identification of your target audience and market trends.


Branding, Marketing, & Sales Strategy We develop comprehensive plans for promoting and selling your products or services. This includes creative branding (company design, naming, etc.), communications management, pricing strategy, and marketing/sales channels.


Organization and Management Setup We help you determine the best structure of your business (sole proprietorship, 501(c)(3), LLC, etc.). We also aid in developing profiles of key team members and their roles.


Funding & Financial Aspects If applicable, we'll collect details about your funding needs and how the funds will be utilized. We can then assist in determining the best way to attain them. Financial projections include a high-level overview of projected income, expenses, and advertising ROI.

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